Associative work


  • Vice-president 2013-2014, in charge of finances, administration and public relations.
  • New design for the website.
  • Organisation of the general assembly 2014 in Budapest.


European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management

  • Public Relations Committee Leader 2010 : management of an international team of 15 members.
  • ATrainer (Branding, PowerPoint, InDesign).
  • Project Leader for the ESTIEM Council Meeting 2009 (180 participants, 5 days, budget: 22 000€).


Association of G-SCOP doctoral students

  • President for the year 2011/2012.
  • Organisation of a 2-day scientific seminar (Journées G-SCOP, 110 participants).
  • Animation of the laboratory by organising monthly convivial events.

Hospitality of the Orléans Diocese

  • Since 2007, volunteer one week every year to serve diseased and handicaped pilgrims.
  • Since 2011, responsible for the "Jeunes Hospitaliers" (16-18 years old volunteers)

Les Amis de Komtoega

supporting the development of a group of villages in Burkina-Faso

  • Webmaster
  • Mission in october 2012, one week - Kick-off for building a new dispensary in an isolated village.

Chercheurs d’horizons

le magazine des doctorants de l’université de Grenoble

  • Member of the editorial board.
  • 2000 paper versions printed, electronic version sent to about 4000 doctoral students.


Travelling in Europe